Dyna’s secret

Dyna heard the unfamiliar sounds of girls giggling. She hid behind the farmhouse and watched them as they played a hopping game through squares drawn in the sand.  They wore fancy dresses, full of lace and ribbons in their hair.  She kept watching until Stan noticed her from behind.

“Why don’t you go play with them?”

She jumped in surprise. “No sir, I can’t.”

Stan wore a bleached white apron around his waist. Dyna followed him inside the small farmhouse supply store.

“I’m here to pick up groceries for the Isaacsons,” she said softly.

“Oh, yeah, you’re the new family in town. Big family, too.  I can tell by the number of times your mother comes here to shop.”

“Yes, sir.” she nodded still following in Stan’s sturdy footsteps.

“Wait right here.” He pointed to the counter. ” I’ll get your things.”

Stan strolled to one end of the store, whistling as he placed green and yellow and red produce into a large potato sack.

She turned away to look through the large open windowpanes; Dyna’s face fixated on the girls.

“Hey, I’ll keep these things waiting for you if you want to go.” Stan offered, placing the sack on the counter before her.

“No, mama needs to get dinner started.” She grabbed the bag, losing balance for a second, “There’s not much time.”

Short shorts by L.A. Taylor