Dyna’s Secret. Part 2

Dyna’s Secret…

Time was always an issue. Dyna had settled that fact in her mind. She had to complete the task — on time. Mother needed to know she was responsible and Father needed to recognize she was more than his little lady.

Her six brothers made no qualms about their expectations she’d fail. “Dyna’s too young and delicate,” to carry a load – of anything.  Dyna would prove them wrong.

“Let me get someone to help you .” Stan called to her.

“No, sir. I’ve got it.” Dyna stood erect and carried the load out of the door with one hand.  Just one more glance at the girls before heading west towards home, she thought. They were sitting in the grass collecting small bouquets of flowers and decorating each other’s hair.

No time to play with little girls. At least not today. She slipped out of the door and around the corner hoping not to be noticed.

From the balcony, exalted above all the other homes, a young man, hidden from plain view rested his legs over the rails of the banister. Gazing into the sky, without a care in his world, waiting for the sun to set. He noticed the girl.

Dyna struggled, the straps on the bag created deep impressions in her small right hand so she switched to the left. When that position was no longer tolerable, she dragged the bag along the sandy road.

The young man watched, laughing loudly. He laughed so loud that one of his assistants ran into the room. “Prince, what’s the matter?”

“Here, look at the girl. She walks for two or three steps and then changes positions to carry the bags. I’ve watched her change hands several times and look, now, she’s dragging the poor bag.”

“Who is she? Maybe we should help her,” said the assistant.

“I don’t know who she is but you better not help her. This is too hilarious to stop,” Prince exclaimed.

The two young men continued to watch Dyna struggle up the hill. Her arms ached from the pulling. She stopped momentarily to relax her shoulders, catch her breath, and massage her blistering hands. Then the petite young woman with hidden curls, without bows, nor any frills to her dress, turned her back to the setting sun. Dyna grasped the straps with both hands.

Finally, Prince caught a glimpse of the girl’s face and all amusement ceased.

Short shorts by L.A. Taylor