A Day in a Life

Have you ever had a day that took you on an absolute rollercoaster ride?

Last Saturday was such a day for me. What began as a time to give thanks to all the people who sent well wishes on my birthday quickly turned into a time to give last respects to my uncle (on my maternal side). For me, the ever eternal optimist (or at least I try to be), the invitation to join his virtual bedside was not only a shock but incredibly saddened by the observant faces of my cousins as they watched the inevitable happen before their eyes. Within the hour, my uncle succumbed to COVID-19.

All of a sudden, the novel virus which I’d studied for a previous article was more real than ever before. Up to this point, no one in my family had been stricken with the disease. Now a pioneer in law enforcement and one of the strongest men I have ever known was gone.

Disbelief, helplessness, and the need to be courageous often overtake me anytime a family member transitions into eternal life. Sure, I know all the sappy things to think, “they are in a better place,” etc. but selfishly, I always hope that place is here on earth and that those who hurt the most (like my cousins and their children) could have experienced another day of life and joy instead of grief and pain.

Awesomely, by God’s grace and after enough hours had passed, I was able to move to the next moment the day would bring. September 26, 2020, was also the celebration of my paternal grandmother’s 97th birthday. ❤️❤️❤️ While I missed the parade my dad, aunt and uncle planned, due to the proverbial wind taken out of me earlier, I did get to hand her flowers and enjoy her presence—still sassy and spunky as ever. You’d have to see her in person to believe her.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 in the NLT tells us that “For everything, there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” Last Saturday clarified that a season might be as short as a day, and just as the sun sets for one, the night is still young for another. Moreover, while we make plans and pack our calendars with all we desire, God has the final say.

May we respect each season, enjoy every moment, and give our beloved flowers while it is still day. (John 9:4)