Thank you for joining ReallyLeah for The 21-DAY Best Life Planning Challenge.

This is Day One of the process. A process I wanted to share with you because it has helped me immensely in the past few years.

While I have endured several health issues, the process I am unveiling through the end of the month helped turn my life around. So much, so that last year was one of my best years yet. I know that is rare, but it is true.

I hope you will engage in the process and use whatever you find here to live your best life. 

Past Preparation. 

Congratulations! If you did your homework, you should have completed the two tasks below.

  1. Written your goals for the year. They should be,
    • Measurable. All goals are to be accomplished within a year. They are long-term goals. (Shorter goals will be discussed at a later date. Promise.)
    • Specific and controllable. For example,
      • “I will get rich this year”  is NOT a goal because it is not specific. Ask yourself, how will you get rich? What does “rich” look like to you? Your true goal is hidden within broad ideas. Find the richer definition, and you will find your goal.
      • “To save the world” – is not a goal because it is also a broad, general idea and is not within your control. Stay away from concepts that sound notable but are not realistic.
  2. Written your goals as an affirmation.
    • I gave you an example in Bringing in The Best. 
    • Usually, an affirmation begins with “I will, or I am.”

Not Quite There Yet?

If, for some reason, you have not written your goals and affirmations. Jump right in and do it today. It’s never too late to start creating your best life. Visit Bringing in The Best for all the details.  

Ready, Set, Focus!

Let’s begin the process with two action steps for Day One.

First, we will commit to reading our written goals as an affirmation aloud, each day, starting today. Go ahead. Hear yourself affirm the life you desire to achieve this year as you read your goals in the affirmative.

If you have a Bible verse or promise to accompany your goal, read it aloud as well. Because “Faith comes by hearing!” Romans 10:17. When you declare what you set your mind to become or accomplish in 2021, and you believe it in your heart, you will speak it out of your mouth.

The process of doing this daily is also eliminating those messy thoughts from the past as you focus on the new blessing the new year will bring. 

Next, we will practice memorizing at least one goal.

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

– Thomas Alva Edison.

We have to put some work into what we desire, even the smallest thought of it.

Memorization will help us solidify our long-term goals into our oft, easily distracted minds. One way to retain our goals is to repeat them over and over again. Today, choose a goal to recite until you have it memorized.

Moving Forward

Thank you for accepting the challenge.

Since we’re on this journey together, please share any questions or encouraging words in the comment section.

Till tomorrow, when we meet on Day Two for the next step in our 21-day online process towards our best year yet, be blessed with less mess,


ReallyLeah’s UnHotMess Series 1. 2021. Bringing in the Best and Pushing out the Mess

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