Thank you for joining ReallyLeah for The 21-Day Best Life Planning Challenge. 

Congratulations, you made it to Day Four!  

I hope you enjoyed last evening’s activity. Did you? Were you able to complete your vision board? I know at least one of you is still pulling your computerized vision board together and that is okay. You will still be able to do today’s activity while you perfect your visionary masterpiece.  So, keep working on it and send me a copy when you are Please.  

I want to see your creation, and I promise not to judge. You’ll see why I make that promise when you see mine. LOL. 

Ready, Set, Focus! 

Let’s jump right in. 

Each day we have two activities. The first must be completed immediately (an A.M. action), and the second should be completed before bed (a P.M. action).  

Step 1. Memorize another goal (if you have one) and meditate on all your goals for the year.  

By now you have probably noticed a trend. Good. You are very perceptive. Through repetition of step one we are creating a new habit and renewing our mind through this day-by-day process. This daily activity will not change. We will only add to it. 

So pull out your vision board. Go ahead. Place it in your hands right now and let’s take some time to study every picture. Use your senses while doing this exercise. See, feel, taste, hear, and smell what you are viewing. Get into the moment.

Use your vision board to visualize your goals as already achieved.  And, keep cancelling any negative thoughts. (Go back to Day Three if you need to remind yourself how important it is to fight back with your words).   

Step 2. Review your Vision Board at least 7 times today. Take a few minutes to study each picture as you did this morning, and to see yourself already achieving your goals. 

Remember when I told you to take a picture of your vision board if you did it on paper. This is why. We need to have our vision board easily accessible to us as we go through the process of creating this new mindset about our destiny. We need to keep it handy in order to visualize our goals at least 7 times a day.

Moving Forward 

These are our assignments for Day Four. 

Renew our Minds with continued memorization and meditation of our affirmations/goals. And Visualize our best lives by reviewing our vision boards at least seven times a day.  

Yes! I don’t know about you, but I feel good just thinking about living my best life this year.  

I’m going to start visualizing now.  

In the meantime, feel free to share any questions or encouraging words in the comment section and join my email subscription so you can receive automatic updates and notifications.  

Till tomorrow, when we meet on Day Five for the next step in our 21-day online process towards our best year yet, be blessed with less mess,  


ReallyLeah’s UnHotMess Series 1. 2021. Bringing in the Best and Pushing out the Mess 

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