Thank you for joining ReallyLeah for The 21-Day Best Life Planning Challenge. 

Today is Day Five!

I know a few of you are still looking for pictures for your vision board and that’s fine. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither should your best life. But you may be overthinking it. A good Google search should solve any picture woes and when you find it, print it or copy and paste it onto your vision board.  Because you are not using these photos for business, and only for personal reasons, you don’t have to worry about the copyrights.  Only you, perhaps an accountability partner, and I will ever see them. (Email me a copy of your visionary masterpiece: and put “Vision Board” in the subject.) 

Ready, Set, Focus! 

By now you realize that each day we will have two activities. The first must be completed immediately (an A.M. action), and the second should be completed before bed (a P.M. action).  

Step 1. Memorize another goal (if you have one) and meditate on all your goals for the year.  

You should be saying your goals as affirmations aloud as you meditate and read a promise verse to accompany your goal if you have one.  Remember your faith comes by hearing yourself speak positively over your life.

Next, visualize the pictures on your vision board as being real and complete. Turn this into a gratitude exercise. I know I can’t  help but feel good as I look at what’s in store for me and the people I love through my diligence this year. Life is good when you have a purpose and your vision board should reveal your purpose. 

Step 2. Review your Vision Board at least 7 times today. Take a few minutes to study each picture as you did this morning, and to see yourself already achieving your goals and living your purpose.  

If you believe you’ll have a hard time remembering to visualize throughout the day simply plan ahead.

Think of seven places you might put a paper copy of your vision board.  

I know one: your bathroom mirror. I know another: by your bedside. Where else could you put a copy? 

Also, think about times conducive to meditation. Do you take a walk once a day? If so, could you review your vision board before, during, and/or after your walk? How about before bed?

I’ve given you seven options. What are your thoughts?

Whatever you do, please don’t stop or give up or become distracted. If you are having any of these emotions, Day Five is the right time to begin journaling your journey. I suggest you visit my post on journaling if you aren’t familiar with the benefits.  

And even if you are confident and enjoying the process thus far, you should start journaling your 21-day process because someday in the future, you’ll want to look back and see how you arrived at your best year yet. With a journal, you can easily share your experiences with others, just as I am. But if you don’t notate your trials and triumphs, you may not remember. 

“A short pencil is better than a long memory.”

So seriously, consider journaling.

Moving Forward 

These are our assignments for Day Five.

Renew our Minds with continued memorization and meditation of our affirmations/goals. Visualize our best lives by reviewing our vision boards at least seven times a day.  Consider keeping a journal of the process, if you have not already. 

And keep up the great work! The best is yet to come. 

Please share any questions, experiences, or encouraging words in the comment section and join my email subscription so you can receive automatic updates and notifications.  

Till tomorrow, when we meet on Day Six for the next step in our 21-day online process towards our best year yet, be blessed with less mess,  


ReallyLeah’s UnHotMess Series 1. 2021. Bringing in the Best and Pushing out the Mess 

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  1. Great reminder to journal. I had all but forgotten to incorporate it into this exercise and haven’t been journaling recently at all so thanks again for reminding us to take note of our experiences especially since the year is just kicking off.

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