Go. See. Beauty.

Yesterday.  All my troubles seemed so far away.  That was the day me and my peeps trailed off to a place I’ve been longing to go to since I heard about its development. The World Equestrian Center. There were so many beautiful sites (especially the horses), friendly faces, and decadent goodies for foodies (like me)Continue reading “Go. See. Beauty.”

3 Points to Ponder Before Moving Forward

Do a Before-the-End-of-the-Year Review for the Boss in You  by Leah L.A. Taylor (author of 21-days to Your Best Life Yet)  Doing a before-the-end-of-the-year review can increase your productivity (saving you money and time) and will answer the most critical question — Am I on the right track for my best life yet? Because no one, surely not a BossContinue reading “3 Points to Ponder Before Moving Forward”

Happy Mother’s Day 💐

To all the Moms and Grandmothers supporting, caring for, and loving special needs children! You ROCK because you are a rock! 🙏🏽❤️ 💪🏽. I salute all Moms, even bonus moms like I was for a short period 😔, but especially moms of children with chronic medical concerns. God chooses extraordinary women to do the jobContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day 💐”

My Mother’s Day Thought

While listening to the courageous women in Shining Lights (a friendship group for caregivers), I thought of a quote I overheard recently, To all the working mothers (not necessarily on a job), I say, do not become burdened by the expectations of others. Neither your children nor your work define the essence of you. SoContinue reading “My Mother’s Day Thought”

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