Dear Reader,

I have been suppressing my interest in fashion and food for far too long. I won’t explain why but I will share some photos here and there and promote a few friends too. If you see something you like, please support them and tell them where you heard the news.


First, I would like to introduce you to Nikita. As I was thinking about my readers and the genre of novels I am working on, I thought of her style of food. Nikita Richardson is my former co-worker at MSM, and she is one gem of a woman, a major go-getter, and a culinary trendsetter. She started this incredible business called Sizzling Single in 2013 based on the concept of “serving solo servings, one recipe at a time.” She had nearly the entire C-suite buying lunches from her. Below are a couple of snaps from her Instagram page.

In a piece by VoyageATL, Nikita states that her company’s goal “is to eliminate food waste by providing portion-control based meals.” Inspiring, right? Well, I’ve had her salads and desserts, and they are scrumptious!!! You won’t waste a bite. So check out what’s cookin’ with Nikita at And tell her you heard about it here. XO.


Erica found her purpose in jewelry design at MaddieX after Covid-19 took her job. But her past employers loss is our gain. Maddie X earrings are to live by. I have two pairs so far, and I like them so much I try to make them work with all my outfits.  

My silver hoops
Jewery bag and post card

You can support a homegirl (Ocalan now Atlantan) while adding some glam to your style at  Please tell Maddie X jewelry that you heard about it here.



Pictures of pretty shoes make a pretty page. These aren’t bad to me, but according to The Zoe Report, these are some of the best for Spring and Summer 2021.

Ulla Johnson Spring/Summer 2021. Photo: Ulla Johnson.

Clunky, chunky platform heels.

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2021. Photo: Getty 

For ladies who like labels.

Roger Vivier Spring/Summer 2021. Photo: Roger Vivier

Flowery flip-flops.

Thanks in advance for supporting the Black-owned businesses mentioned above. Sincerely,


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Really, Leah?

Fathers better beam like the sun and hang the moon to get more than a card or a pair of socks…

Dear Reader,

We piled a lot into the last weekend, didn’t we? Americans celebrated a new federal holiday, Juneteenth, and we also celebrated Father’s Day. Yea!

I wish I could tell you I did something mind-blowing for either occasion, but I was otherwise obligated. So obligated that I neglected to show respect for fathers on any of my social media accounts. My oops!

So to all the real fathers out there, I want to wish you — all the best, and may your families be blessed.

Did you catch what I wrote?

“Real fathers.”

Am I the only person who too often ascribes “real” to fathers?

Of course not.

We (as a society) don’t discriminate against mothers that way. We usually assume that all mothers are the greatest. Right? I mean, mothers have done the laborious work of carrying, for approximately nine months, this growing seed that feeds off of the mother’s body to create a child that will slide through a birth canal and be pushed out into the world. Indeed, a woman’s work is hard. So we cheer in reverence, hooray for mothers!!!!

They deserve a holiday. Well, at least some of them deserve a holiday. And y’all know I am telling the truth. While I don’t intend to be a downer, we must admit that there are some seriously poor excuses for mothers out there. Am I right, again?

Specifically, but without calling names, we have all heard about women who have driven their kids into lakes, women who have left the security of one family to begin a new one with their teenage student. And what about the women who have kids to get a check? You know, the ones called gold diggers and other unkind words. Even so, regardless of those nefarious acts (minus the first one), come Mother’s Day, someone somewhere will make them feel good about performing a natural act, whether they really are a loving and nurturing parent or not.