Dear Reader,

Welcome. It is great to make your virtual acquaintance. I am not quite sure how you got here. But, I am really, really glad you did.

And now that you are here, allow me to share some high points on Reallyleah.com. In short, this website is about:

  • A community of people close to my heart, often called Caregivers, sometimes called Caretakers (which to me sounds too much like “undertaker” but I’ve been known to slip and use the word as well).
  • Educating Caregivers on how to give better care to their loved ones and themselves.
  • Laughing, breathing correctly, and not getting too overwhelmed by the cares of this life.
  • Resources and tools for people and communities with special needs.
  • Matters of the heart. Because every now and then I am compelled to share something that has nothing to do with anything but me.

Reallyleah.com believes that “good news comes every day.” It’s what we do with it that makes a difference. So, if you enjoy anything that you read here, please do me a simple favor and comment. And if you think that what you’ve learned here will help someone else, please share away.

Thank you for visiting and come back often.

Really yours,


Daughter, Sister, Authorpreneur, Advocate, Artist and Friend