Author: Really, Leah?


Republished November 13, 2023 “Do it afraid!”  Or at least make a move toward a better life.  Why? Because I know how hard it is to do something that scares you, but how fulfilling it can be to take that first step toward a goal.   First, a little backstory on why I am telling you […]

MOTIVATE ME MONDAY: Recreate the Moment

Dear Reader, Happy Motivate Me Monday! Here is something to consider on Tuesday and the rest of your week. My last two months… Loved them!!! I don’t have one complaint.  I do need to return to a sense of normalcy, though. Because I am a woman who thrives on routine for productivity. However, I love […]


Keep Stepping Today’s MOTIVATE ME MONDAY comes straight from the good book, which is the Word of God. Psalms 37:23-24 declares that a person whose purpose is to follow God has their steps established by the Lord God. So far this morning I have taken over 7,000 steps. Each one, God ordered. He knew I […]