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Category: Word Art

Happy Mother’s Day

To the everyday she-roes who hold down the toughest job of all, dear Momma’s enjoy the celebration today and throughout the week! You deserve it. 💐 Happy Mother’s Day 2020


THE FUNNIES... This is our spoonful of sugar for whatever ails you. LOL!

Be a Light Traveler

He is calling you and me to do new things in the darkness and none of His instructions command us to quit.

Shine On

Many times, our dark places are about perspective in comparison to others. Someone may have woken up with an ache here or pain there but someone else may have just received a terminal diagnosis. Someone may have a child who wet the bed this morning while another man or woman deals with a child or a parent who wets the bed every morning.

Simply Worthy

Take this message to heart if you’re a woman who’s doing all the right things and still waiting for the right man. Proverbs 31:10-31 has some encouragement for your present […]


When your day doesn't turn out as planned, consider that you are chosen for something special and free to pursue it.

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