L. A. is a writer in many forms: a former ghost blogger for an international leadership website, a past contributor to online magazines and copywriting blogs, and the author of a customer service guide for professionals. Before becoming a full-time writer, L.A. was a non-profit Executive Director, Project Manager, and Health Care Compliance Administrator. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Business at the University of Florida and a Masters in Fine Arts for Creative Writing from National University.

She currently serves as a director for Rizing Starz, Inc., a non-profit aimed at bridging the gap between young adults and the special needs community; a leader for Shining Lights, a community group for Caregivers; a member of Word Weavers International; and other writing and community groups.

More importantly, L.A. loves her family. She has expressed this affection, as a family caregiver for both her special needs sister, since the 1980s, and her grandmother, now deceased. She has also benefited from the love and care of her courageous mother who helped her recover from an illness that left her jobless, homeless, and helpless. Being both a caregiver and a care recipient gives L.A. not only a compelling vantage point but also accurate insight on the weighty topic of caregiving. She is passionate about sharing her findings through her love of writing, laughing, public speaking and motivating others.

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