Welcome… Leah (L.A.) Taylor 👑 is my name. I’m an Award-winning writer, Authorpreneur, Advocate, and Artist reigning from Ocala, Florida—where the south is different, y’all. 😉

And because there are two sides to all my stories, I write fiction and nonfiction. Like you, I need to be entertained and then I need to sit and think matters through. I’m also overly passionate about way too many things and yet compelled to stick to one. But I can’t! (Just keeping it real.)

So my hope is that you’ll flow with me, discovering some things inspiring and other things purely thought-provoking, as we all seek to find balance between our life and work, our joys and pains, through sickness and in health. Thank you. Really,


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What’s in a name?

“Really, Leah?” derived from a random question I was often asked by associates who thought some of my views and values (which I base purely on personal experiences and do my best to offer with love and kindness) were disingenuous. These people have become friends and now realize that I’m genuinely me and they won’t always get the expected.

“Good news comes every day. It’s what we do with it that makes a difference.”

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