As a Writer

My goal is to write compassionate stories about common people living extraordinary lives. Are you a woman who is overcoming a health battle? Do you have a special needs sibling or loved one? Are you an entrepreneur or writer? If so, let’s connect.

Another one of my favorites to write. I hope you will enjoy the history and the relevance found in the editorial. Read it here.


MY FIRST COVER STORY!!! Read about the sisters paving the way for future pharmacists and caring for special populations while they work. Read here.

This is my most celebrated story and one of my favorites to write. Read it here.

New books by brilliant writers about community bring me joy because of what they offer the world. You read my editorial and buy her book at

If you are willing to do the work, you can do anything. Read how these ladies formed a pact and created a lifelong friendship, here.

Ahead of her time. Read the story of Florida’s first Black female printing entrepreneur–Madame Mattie J. Shaw.

This article on male mentoring was recognized as The Article of the Day by the Florida Magazine Association. Read the article here.

The pandemic put a dent in many businesses’ bottom lines. This article is about a local entrepreneur who continues to thrive despite the hardships and offers a place of healing for her clientele. And the food is fresh and yummy! Read more here.

Black Health Matters

Most Blacks do not need statistics to know that we need to take care of our health through diet and exercise. We can control those things. However, we also need practitioners who care about the health of Black people, especially during an epidemic and even more so during childbirth. This article touches on the facts and the people making a difference in and from our local community. Read more here.

As an Author

As a published and award-winning Author, I write all the time. I’m currently in the editing throes of my first contemporary novel – Anghelica, the first in a series of contemporary romantic comedies, coming soon. I long to share it with you!

Anghelica book cover
Image by Pixaby and subject to change.

I have also written two thrilling novels, a novella, and two children’s picture books, which will hit the market ONE DAY!!! My first book was self-published in 2010. Plans are in the works to revise and re-publish that book.

My eBook is easily downloadable. Take the 21-Day Best Life Challenge!

Award winning author. Published in local magazines and newspapers, an online Summer short story anthology, and

As a Blogger

I give away FREE information on passion, productivity, and purpose, weekly.

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