I Try Too Hard

At times I admit I try too hard. I give TOO much of myself, my time, my talent, my energy to things that produce too little. 

I’m that girl that wants to teach you how to fish when you only want a tuna salad sandwich. Because you’re hungry right now and ain’t nobody got time to buy a pole, find a hole, and go fishing.

I’m also majorly self-centered at times. Most times because I have a lot on my mind. But then so are the majority of people I meet. We all seem to be this way lately, competing for our self-centeredness. But there are limits. My main limit is: I can say self-deprecating things about me and my family, but you cannot agree. And if you do agree, I won’t listen or read your comments.

Anyway, the bottom line is my funny blogs (aka The Funnies) are TOO LONG. The Joke-of-the-day people have been on to something. 

But I’m a slow learner at times. 

I’ll try less hard. 

Really, Leah.

p.s. Come back tomorrow, for a short installment of The Funnies. &:)

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