Eight Steps to Avoid Falling in Love Too Fast

Dating is not easy and marriage is for the long haul. Therefore, we must not treat either like a sprint. Consider keeping the following boundless suggestions nearby if you decide to put yourself out there. Love should take time to develop. Wouldn’t you agree?

Source: Eight Steps to Avoid Falling in Love Too Fast

2 responses to “Eight Steps to Avoid Falling in Love Too Fast”

  1. Falling is the first problem! Growing into a mutual trust and appreciation for each other is something that you feed over time through shared experiences! Even if marriage is not the goal or the eventuality, you always have a solid love for each other! How do I earn the right to comment? I’ve loved and still love bc of The JESUS in me. Were it not for HIM, I’d be victimizing myself with pain and bitterness while blaming others! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject!

    1. I like, “Falling is the first problem!” Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I have several male friends, but no marriage options. Perhaps what you shared is the reason why. I’ve learned to nurture friendships first because I’ve fallen in the past, and it has yet to last. However, what I do have is some fantastic men friends, whom I love, and I hope they feel the same.

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