A March Month of Mindfulness

Put your money where your heart is. 😍

Dear Reader:

I thought you should know that there are other organizations (besides the usual, and I won’t name names) to be mindful of for charitable giving. And you don’t have to wait for Christmastime or the offering plate to be a cheerful giver because the need is constant and the need in the world is great. In fact, the good book says, “the poor you will have always.” So stash some funds away to give to someone who is having a rainy day. Perhaps you will be in their place in the future and you will want a bit of generosity to come your way.

Organization #1.

The Arc has 69 years of experience as a change agent for people with disabilities. Their mission is “promoting and protecting the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supporting their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes.”

My sister, Candra, started going to the local Arc full-time in 2002. Unfortunately, she has not attended since the pandemic. Financial resources would help the organization regain services for people like my sister—who misses her friends. Our mother says, “I would like to see The Arc bigger and better.”

The Arc. I LIKE-LIKE this ad. (I’m trying to save my LOVE for people more and use it less on stuff 😉).

Right now, they need funding for providers and Direct Support Professionals. You can give to their cause at https://thearc.org/ and support the National Developmental Disability Awareness Month.

Organization #2.

The International Myeloma Foundation, founded in 1990, sponsors Myeloma Action Month. They are inviting us to join them in their efforts by nurturing our own resilience each day of the week (see below). My uncle, a brave Multiple Myeloma survivor, thriver, and blogger shared this information with me, and I am happy to share it with others. You can learn more at https://mam.myeloma.org/.

Myeloma Action Month

I thank God for my sister and my uncle and for what these organizations mean to them and families like ours. Public announcement notices like these are always welcome because what’s more precious than human life?

Thanks for reading this Money Monday tidbit on ReallyLeah. Now open up your pocketbooks and give. 🤑

Hashtag and connect with the world: #DDAAwareness2021, #IAMRESILIENT2021, #MyelomaWarrior, #MyelomaACTIONMonth.

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