A Timeless Aspirational Definition

Proverbs 31 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. As a practice, I read a daily proverb for each day of the month. So, in most months, I read Proverbs 31. But even in a short month (28 or 30 days), I try to meditate on the scriptures that pertain to being a woman of principled character. 

Subsequently, the verses have even inspired one of my latest coaster designs, detailing the attributes of a Proverbs 31 woman–virtuous, righteous, holy, and blessed.  

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For fun, I defined the words on this design using Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, as a guide, to get to the English understanding of each adjective.

Virtuous – Morally good; acting in conformity to the moral law; abstaining from vices; sexually pure or true to the marriage bed. 

Righteous – Just. It denotes one who is holy in heart and observant of the divine commands in practice. 

Holy – Consecrated or set apart to a sacred use or to the service or worship of God. 

Blessed – Happy; prosperous in worldly affairs and enjoying the favor of God. 

Old-Fashioned? Or, Basic?

We do not use the four words above often. The terms may sound old-fashioned, religious, and out-of-touch but only because we avoid them. And why might that be? Why do our beautiful young ladies lean toward pop-culture labels with negative connotations (i.e. Bad B*tch) rather than embracing the highest standard? 

I believe it is because it is easier to be basic, to go with the flow. It takes less grit to fit in and be accepted among the masses. I’ve been there. I know.

But it takes discipline and strength to be a bold, fearless daughter of the King. It takes time to study the Scriptures and practice the precepts. However, it is worth the effort.

To be like the one true King of Kings is not old-fashioned. It’s regal. 1 Peter 2:9

What do you think? 

And Still, I Rise

Are you or do you know a woman who epitomizes the attributes above or aspires to be a Proverbs 31 woman?

I hope so. Because I think it is time to raise the standard and shift the narrative on our self-talk and representation in the world. Hosea 6:2 AMPC.




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