Points to Practice for a Winning Week

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Last week around this time, I was celebrating my little cousin’s graduation from Wake Forest University’s School of Business. He set a goal that was nearly busted up by COVID-19, and he won! He finished on time and with honors. Therefore, I could not feel more elated about the strength and focus he applied to achieve his educational pursuits. Go BB!

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WFU Commencement

Furthermore, the commencement speaker, CNN host and Dream Corps Founder, Anthony “Van” Jones, for the 2022 graduates marked the moment in perpetuity, because his sentiments were based on the sage wisdom that we are better together. I will paraphrase the lessons learned from his message in hopes that it will carry us through the week, and then cement in us the desire to be better today than we were yesterday.

Here are my takeaways in the moment:

  1. Seek the beauty in others, look for similar passions in which to make effectual change for greatness.
  2. Do not be confounded by the news and media’s proliferation of negative soundbites. There is more good to be found in the world than bad. 
  3. Don’t just make a point. Make a difference!
  4. Build bridges with those who don’t look and pray as we do, but who also want to win in life. 
  5. Continue to win against COVID-19, doubters, haters, and inner saboteurs by bridging efforts with others who want to win. Be a diamond.

Here is how I am making Jones’ message practical:

Last Wednesday, I shared via social media that I am looking for others who want to work together to win against the challenges that affect the parents of special needs children. There are LISTS of things their families need to care for their aging loved ones while still contributing to society. I have some ideas and a nonprofit, Rizing Starz Incorporated, to help us get the wellness to those in need.

If you want to build a bridge to help special needs people have a better quality of life, please email me:, using the subject: “Let’s Build a Bridge,” or drop a comment below.

Our Opportunity

I am encouraged that this plea will reach people passionate about this endeavor. And I hope you will do something similar if you are not doing so already. Take your passion and pray for the tribe that will help you make it happen. 

Read Hebrews 10:24-25 for more wisdom about working together.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will have a winning week, Really,


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