The end of spring and the beginning of summer marks a time in our calendars when we enjoy the outdoors with food, family, and friends. It is a time of mourning the loss of our country’s heroes during Memorial Day, hanging American flags, celebrating our dads, and igniting fireworks for Independence Day. It has also become a time when this nation celebrates that the message of freedom has reached all “former” slaves. 

With so many reasons for celebrations, I made a few gifts to mark the moments we treasure most right now. 

 I hope you enjoy.

Handmade By Really Leah

All my coasters are handmade mini works of art that I call table or tile art that will accent your home or business and the colors will not fade.

The designs are transferred onto naturally absorbent sandstone material. 

Gathering Cafe Display

Each 4×4-inch coaster has beveled edges, King Coat™ coating for superior durability, and cork backing to add additional protection to your furniture. 

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PURCHASES. They are also available at The Gathering Cafe 2601 SW 19th Avenue Road in lovely, Ocala, Florida.

Really, Leah XO.

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