Dear Reader,

You may not know it but I share a lot about my sister’s new physical therapy journey on my personal Facebook page. I share less here because most documentation consists of videos and this is a place for reading. However, I was busy getting this horse collection together this month and came across this photo of my sister standing tall next to one of the horses in our downtown historic district.

The picture above reflects who she once was, and I believe she will be again in many ways. It also shows her love for horses, far before I had any, along with a backdrop of the buildings that still pepper our sunlit skyline.

If you love the equine industry, Ocala, Marion County, or any part of the sunshine state, you will enjoy having a piece of it on your countertop. 

Each pair of coaster art (the pictures are my own and set on sandstone in a way that never fades and is water resistant) includes one easel for display or a unique table setting! 

Find the pair you like or invest in the entire collection, here

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