Watch Your Words

Do you remember your parents telling you that? I do. Believe it or not I occasionally had a smart mouth and this was the warning I’d receive before other nonverbal, physical actions were taken. 😉 😣

But the words I’ve told myself over my lifetime have hurt me far more than any spanking.

So if you want to get past the negative words spoken to you and your own negative self-talk, there is hope.

This Thursday, Shining Lights community small group invites all current and prior members, as well as guests, to join in on a spectacular event: “Breaking the Power of Negative Words: How Positive Words can Heal.”

Author, Mary C. Busha will be our honored guest. Mary’s writings have appeared in Writer’s Digest and Focus on the Family as well as popular Women’s Devotionals. She is also an editor and writing coach who has worked all over the nation and now she is coming to us! Why? Because we all could learn a lesson about the words spoken over us and the words we speak to others.

As always, our meeting begins at 10 AM in Room 301A.

Let’s break FREE and find the power of healing with our words!

We hope you will come out this week and bring a friend who also needs to build better caregiving connections.

Shining Lights Community Life Group for Primary Caregivers meets on Thursdays.

Time: 10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Place: Meadowbrook Church Ocala

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