For feelings, I’m currently feelin’

When it’s raining on the outside and inside, I tap into the Source of my joy which often leads me to a song that will change even the most toxic of atmospheres. Today’s choice is Koryn Hawthorne’s “Won’t He Do It” for such a time as this one.

Won’t He Do It (partial lyrics)

Ain’t nobody stoppin’ my shine
They try to break me try to take me out
But I got Jesus on my side
Felt so bad I thought I would die
But ain’t no power stronger than the One
That came and laid down his life
And I got mountains to climb
But the enemy can’t stop me
‘Cause there’s a calling on my life
So, when I’m crying, don’t last too long
‘Cause he’s gon’ step in and make it alright

Won’t He do it?
He said He would
Fight your battles for you
They gon’ wonder how you sleep at night
Won’t He do it?
Ah yes, He will
Anybody tell you something different
You know that’s a lie
You gon’ look back and be so amazed
How it turned out
It’s only His grace
Won’t He do it?
He said He would So, I trust Him at all times

Source: LyricFind Songwriters: Loren Hill / Makeba Riddick / Richard Shelton

Won’t He Do It lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Songtrust Ave

6 thoughts on “For feelings, I’m currently feelin’

  1. cherlono

    He works All Things out for our benefit! When you feel whatever you feel knowing there’s a good outcome from it, that’s when you’ve finally arrived st TOTAL TRUST in ALMIGHTY GOD! Life IS Great!!!


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