A Good Fix for Deep Messes

ReallyLeah’s Organizational Devotional

No doubt we all have messes in our busy lives. Some are visual, like used fast-food containers left in our cars, empty water bottles on our backseat floors, or junky rooms and drawers we open slightly and quickly close because we just don’t have time to tackle that today. Other messes are emotional, like wanton time scrolling social media to see what your ex is doing for Valentine’s day, sleepless nights dreaming about the one who got away, or that box of love letters you keep in a secret hiding place. And don’t mention our financial messes, like the colorful array of credit cards we wish we could pay off or the car that costs more per month than our homes.

Some messes have quick fixes, and others are so weighty they wreak havoc on our physical health and emotional sanity. They leave us asking, “How did we get here?”

When the problem lies beneath the surface, and you don’t know where to start. There is still a solution. We can never go wrong with a little prayer about our big messes.

And when we don’t know where to start. No worries. There is One who sees the end from the beginning.


“Dear Lord, please help me deal with the stuff in my life, the junk I am covering up, and the messes I hope no one else will discover. I know I need help because there are situations that are too difficult for me to straighten on my own. But I know You can. And right now, I trust You to give me the clarity to see those deep things and the courage to conquer them so I can be free to live my best life. In Jesus’ name. Amen”


Words of Wisdom 

Psalm 139:23-24 (TPT)

“God, I invite Your searching gaze into my heart.
Examine me through and through;
find out everything that may be hidden within me.
Put me to the test and sift through all my anxious cares.
See if there is any path of pain I’m walking on,
and lead me back to Your glorious, everlasting ways—
the path that brings me back to You.”

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