Holidays and Hurricanes

Monday Newsletter 

My deepest apologies for operating as a federal institution last Monday. Whether you missed me or not, I felt some sort of way when Monday arrived, and I was at a loss for words. Literally. From now on, I will be observing the Holidays I choose and sleeping through any others. Either way, I may or may not have a newsletter. 🙁 Why? Because I believe we need as many celebrations as possible!!! With that, I hope you had a festive 4th of July surrounded by happy family and friends holding plates of chargrilled foods.  

The Greatest R’s in the Random Recap  

In our quest to be productive and find balance in this incredibly limited life we have been given, I have learned the practice of observing the Sabbath. With a redundant amount of words that begin with R’s, I will share a system to end one week and start another.  


Every six days, I believe it is important to reflect on whether the previous five days amounted to anything more than time spent. It begins by opening my calendar and looking over my past week’s appointments and any diary entries.   

My Weekly Review looks like this:  

On Monday, I celebrated the fourth, reached out to some friends. I had spirited discussions about a lot of mess we can change (if we chose to), and then I managed my money, parsing through last month’s financial statements, spending habits, and creating a new month’s budget.   

Tuesday, I took care of my physical and spiritual health. I even did some revisions to the novel. Y’all, please pray for me. Authoring a novel is not for sissies. Pray that I will get my revisions done. I’m processing so much lately, and my health is my number one concern, so I must ease up and lay low on occasions. 

Wednesday was a wet one. Hurricane Irma turned into a tropical storm by the time she touched land. The weather was not terribly bad, but it was wiser to stay in, far away from rotting trees and isolated tornadoes (all the makings of Florida’s torrential weather). This storm reminds me I have a short story to share this month, so be on the lookout.   

On Thursday, Zaila (not Akeela) won the “Bee,” which was so cool! A friend sent me a piece written in 2017 about Scripp’s “separate but not equal past,” and I pondered how far we have come and how far we have fallen back. In my community, we have rested on our laurels, stopped the local Bees as I remember as a child (or as I remember hearing about them as a child—please do not hold me to this). Regardless, someone ought to do something about this. Since this is not my lane, I pray that the people with the wherewithal will make the excitement of spelling bee’s as sweet as honey again for my community. Also, on Thursday, I had to take care of another health thing. It went well. A new doctor confirmed that if it ain’t broken, don’t medicate it to death. I’ll follow up with Monday labs and do my part to protect my health. Like wearing my personal FreshAir around my neck. My new doc was unfamiliar with the device I use to keep pollen and airborne contaminants out of my personal space. For me, it is SO much better than a face mask. My uncle suggested I buy one of these and I have not been disappointed. Overall, I am grateful to God and feeling good about not dwelling on diagnoses and diseases.  

Contact my cousin, Aerin, (352) 804-3130, for more information and tell him you heard it here.

Friday was HOT! And not in a good way. The only thing that cooled me was the kindness of kids who gathered to listen and ask questions about the world of magazine journalism (writing editing, fashion, and photography). It felt good to do for one what I wish I could do for many. I will post on my experience later this week. One day I hope to write about at least one of the youth’s abilities to solve a crisis in the community or simply do as we three adult speakers got a chance to do–to be present for another generation of leaders and rock stars.  Friday was also a day to face the challenges of caregiving. First, my sister returned home from the morning’s CT scan a bit weak. She was imbalanced and unlike herself. My mother, who does the heavy lifting even when I ask to assist, usually stays on top of the cleaning, feeding, and moment-by-moment caring. I usually get to cheer them on and do my best to get in where I fit in (a fan to dry the strange, involuntary wet spot, a pad from out of the room, a “you are healed” and a quick hug and a kiss whenever the Spirit hits me, and my sister is in the mood for affection. That is what I do. But the primary caregivers, like Mom, do so much more. I pray for them, each and every one of them, everywhere.  


 They are friends we have not spoken to in too long because we never see them and unintentionally forget they exist. They are our hosts and servers at restaurants, who absentmindedly forget our drink orders, our to-go boxes, and even our checks. They are scattered sometimes because they are carrying for, as my mom says, “precious cargo,” and their minds are discerning three million things at the same time—did I do this right? Are they going to be alright? Am I alright? So, when we see them acting fidgety, chatting too long, or their eyes appear tired and weary, remember that while they are doing their best to be there with you, their thoughts are always with their loved ones. So, pray for them, too. Then send them a text or pick up a phone to call them, and if possible, ask them how you can help. That’s an excellent way to reconnect!  

After the review, I like to note any areas that need more attention, especially those connected to my purpose. Then I like to ask myself if anything I see (or did that week) mattered. I always want to measure whether I have been faithful to my Spirit, soul, and body throughout the week. One sign that I have not is when I feel drained. In this instance, I am likely out of alignment. 

If I worked my week out like a rockstar, then I rest assured that I am on the right track, progressing in the direction of my purpose. I can maintain or amp things up a bit for the next week.   

If not, and my week is as sad as a blue’s song, then I immediately create a plan not to allow another week to fall into despair. 


After planning for the next week, I think it’s a good idea to begin a Sabbath rest. Saturdays or Sundays are traditional days to give all those cares to God, who cares for you and enjoy a day off. Instead of getting jiggy with it, get lazy with it. I like to say, “I did not create the world, and it will exist without me.” At least for one day. LOL! 

If possible, feel the sand underneath your feet, sip on some ice-cold lemonade and read a book under a cool shade tree. The Sabbath is the day we get to recharge and be replenished. It is a day to refuel for the week that awaits you. Most importantly, it is a day to reflect on God’s goodness and reconnect with the One who made you and loves you most! (John 3:16). 

I do my best to sit for a short review every week, and now you can try it too.  

Do you have a system for planning your week?  



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  1. Always enjoy your uplifting reflections. You certainly make the lemons sweet lemonade 🥰

    1. Thank you!!!🍸

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