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Welcome to ReallyLeah. And, yes, my name is Leah. This site is a place where passion, productivity, and purpose harmonize. I could tell you more but you’d probably rather discover it for yourself. I hope you enjoy your visits. 😉 I’m glad you stopped by.

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PASSION. Once upon a time, I dreamt of becoming a motivational speaker and training facilitator at the helm of a global organizing empire. But life had other plans. After several sickening years, I began writing children’s stories and personal essays on healing and faith. My heart still breaks for caregiving families which is why I co-lead a small group for family caregivers. Besides business and writing, I enjoy everything that makes life better because I almost gave up on life. The pain of sickness and disease felt too hard to come back from… But God, and good people, helped me, and now I want to help others fall in love with living a blessed life! This is why I give away FREE resources every week.

PURPOSE. The unburdened gift of life is understanding that my existence is to glorify God.

PRODUCTIVITY. Lately, I get my thrills from writing character-driven fiction. I am playing with short (love-ish) stories, and trying to find the time and energy to publish my first novel.

Academically, I earned a BSBA in Finance and Real Estate, and an MFA in Creative Writing. In 2020, I entered my first FCWC writing contest and won the first place prize in Short Non-Fiction. In 2021, I won a place in the Word Weaver’s summer online anthology. I am also a regular contributor to Ocala Style lifestyle magazine.

Besides writing, I am tapping into my award-winning artistic past (LOL! I really did win a local art contest as a child and there is a newspaper article somewhere to prove it) and designing custom coasters. You can read my story here.

And, because I have struggled with anxiety in the past, I (1) plan my best moments and (2) take adequate time to rest…Shouldn’t we all?

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Author. Artist. Advocate. Daughter. Sister. Friend. I love writing about Passion, Productivity, and Purpose, including how I started living a Blessed UnMessy Life. Read more

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