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Once upon a time, a little girl dreamed of entertaining audiences onscreen. The dream was a bust. So the little girl decided to write her own stories, complete with commercials and fashion designs. The ideas didn’t make it past her scrapbook but she kept writing, and as a teenager, while serving in student government she wrote a teeny-weeny column in her church’s newsletter. When she arrived at college, she forgot all about creative writing for small performances on stage, and advocacy work for people and worthy projects.

Then one day, after years of work in community development, she dreamt of a place where she could tell uncommon stories about her interests, opinions, and novels, while also promoting other people and businesses doing remarkable work in the community.  She envisioned a magazine– an online journal of sorts. The dream was also a bust until finally, all the visualizations culminated into

Self-described as a nerdy, wordy, girly-girl, I am also a woman who’s been through a whole lot (physically, financially, mentally, and spiritually) and survived. But it wasn’t because of my power or might that I now thrive; it was by grace revealed through an unbreakable belief in the mysteries within the bible. My purpose is to help people of all races, cultures and beliefs find their way based on the principles that saved me.

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What’s in a name?

“Really, Leah?” derived from a random question I was often asked by associates who thought some of my views and values (which I base purely on personal experiences and do my best to offer with love and kindness) were disingenuous. These people have become friends and now realize that I’m genuinely me and they won’t always get the expected.

“Good news comes every day. It’s what we do with it that makes a difference.”

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