Welcome to Day Eighteen. Choosing to participate in this challenge is a wise choice, just as living your best life is a choice.

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Today is Day Sixteen and the first day of the last week of the challenge. So Breathe.

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About Me

Leah  (L.A.) Taylor 👑  is my name. I’m an Authorpreneur, Advocate, and Artist reigning from Ocala, Florida—where the south is different, y’all. 😉 

And because there are two sides to all my stories,  I write fiction and nonfiction.  Like you, I need to be entertained and then I need to sit and think matters through. I’m also overly passionate about way too many things and yet compelled to stick to one. But I can’t! (Just keeping it real.)

So my hope is that you’ll flow with me, discovering some things inspiring and other things purely thought-provoking, as we all seek to find balance between our life and work, our joys and pains, through sickness and in health. Thank you. Really, 


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