Whimsical Friday Blogs, because you earned it.

For inspiration in short spurts of sass, try Friday Again. It’s just what you need to get your weekend started. Enjoy!

Reposted with permission from the Friday Again blogger on Friday, May 31, 2019. Read below:

“Don’t try to come in and leave me quickly as you often do, I can’t imagine not enjoying you a little longer today! The sweltering weather is making life without air conditioning almost unbearable, did I say unbearable? I meant unbearable! One working window that’s open to the temperatures of 95 + is “killer.” It may sound as though I’m complaining, but I’m reciting life as I see it and it ain’t pretty today. On the lighter side, you’re here, and I’m here, so let’s have a blast and make it last. Tomorrow is yet another day!I’m calling on the wind to blow kisses and cool me off! Feel the breeze! Until later…”

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