Prayer for Strength

“Dear Lord, Help me accept the opportunities YOU place in front of me. Give me courage to face challenges that stretch my abilities and bring YOUR love into the lives of those around me.”

This was the prayer I read this morning in a devotional, Strength & Grace Daily Devotions for Caregivers by Guideposts. A dear friend who knows I lead a small group for caregivers gave the book to my family. She recognized the blessing it could bring to someone who consistently cares for someone else. She also placed a sticky on the front that read, “When you go THROUGH DEEP WATERS, I will be with you.” Isaiah 43:2. Ah, the words were for me. (I hope they are for those reading right now.) How poignant the verse, how encouraging the giver, how grateful am I.

After a long night, preceded by a full Wednesday, meeting with two different sets of people, trying to access resources to better care for my sister, who has special needs, I needed this WORD this morning. The introverted part of me needed to begin the day stronger than the day before because this Thursday evening, my family and I will have meetings once more.

As a result of the prayer for strength, I’m prepared, equipped and ready, trusting that all will be well for me and mine. There is no need to be anxious or fearful. God has us.

And, I pray that if you are privileged enough to provide care to another person, you will also be filled with contentment and joy in doing so, today, tonight, and always. Really,


Guidepost. “Prayer for Strength.” Strength & Grace Daily Devotions for Caregivers, December/January 2019, Page 4.

Prayer for Strength

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