Play-doh is not just for kids!

Play-doh is not just for kids! Or should I say, little kids? 😀

Because some of us are just big kids at heart dealing with gargantuan adult issues, like being a caregiver or a parent or both.

Well, it appears that a handful of dough might be an affordable answer to what ails us, big kids. The Adventure Learning Center cites,

“Simply playing with dough is soothing and calming, even for adults! It’s a fun way of easing tension, releasing extra energy, improving focus and concentration. It could be a great outlet for children to express their emotions or release anxiety.” Source: 2017, May 17. Making Play Dough With Preschoolers

I know my personal green Play-Doh has helped me de-stress when I couldn’t afford to escape to a spa for a mani-pedi or an hour-long massage.

Recently, the Shining Lights tested the theory. During one of our bi-weekly meetings, we participated in this peaceful activity.  Sue, one of the co-leaders, even played “Have Thine Own Way” while we manipulated the soft putty in our hands. It indeed calmed our souls while we continued to connect on matters of the heart.

Do you have a special way to relax as a caregiver? If so, please share below or tweetme @Reallyleah1. 

As always, I hope this blesses someone. Even if only one, my job is done.  Really,


Play-doh is not just for kids!
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