Where are the Men?

My dear friend, Rouba, recited the following poem to me during a recent visit. It is riveting – to a single lady. Powerfully, relevant, and so I had to share it with you. Please tell us what you think or simply answer the question…

Where are the Men?

by Rouba Palmer

Where are the men

The valiant and strong?

Are they hiding behind rocks,

Behind work,

Behind porn?

Where are the men?

Come forth and fight

Offer us your glory,

Your strength,

Your might.

For without you around our future is bleak,

And our hearts untended grow weary and seek

To meet our needs by taking your place,

Forfeiting our glory, our feminine grace.

So come for us,

Rescue us,

Push through the fear;

Lift up your swords

And put down your beer!

Where are the men?

There must be one

Who’ll fight to the end

‘Til the battle is won.

Image credit: Trevor Brown on Unsplash

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