Start Small

There is a saying—

We can discover many things about ourselves when we take our time.

Rushing to get to the finish line only means we are running to start a new race. Which makes us tired just thinking about it. Right?

Scripture says —

Let’s do something small each day (unpack a box, take a music lesson, clear the kitchen counters, read a chapter of a book, WRITE a chapter of your book, send a thoughtful note to a friend) toward our goals and before long we will reach our destiny.

On the other hand, because life is unpredictable, we may find that we really haven’t thought out our small tasks well, or we misjudged the time and costs involved. If so, don’t worry, the loss will be small as well, because we didn’t rush into a wrong decision, we will have learned what doesn’t work for us in the process, and now we can start small on something better.

So start small.

Start somewhere.

And enjoy the simplicity of working consistently as you witness your dreams unfold. ❤️

Thoughts in Action: What is a long-term goal you have been putting off? What can you do today toward that goal?

Photo credit: Jennifer Burk

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