The definition of a great day instead of thinking about how I am going to get my way, how about I dream of ways to make someone else’s day? The thought of being kind to others can create an inward high. And subsequent actions do not have to be something Twitter-worthy. Even small deeds haveContinue reading “KINDNESS”

Stop Dropping Balls

Five Effective Steps for Planning a Successful Week Monday is a great day to make plans for the week. After a good weekend and a solid, healthy, and restful Sabbath, it is time to wake up to a new week. If you are like me, I can’t juggle a ball to save my life. IContinue reading “Stop Dropping Balls”

Cleanliness starts with godliness

We all need a fresh start and a clean slate.

Start Small

There is a saying— We can discover many things about ourselves when we take our time. Rushing to get to the finish line only means we are running to start a new race. Which makes us tired just thinking about it. Right? Scripture says — Let’s do something small each day (unpack a box, takeContinue reading “Start Small”

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