Say Yes, to No – Short and Sweet Inspiration #5.

There is nothing negative about honesty. 

If you are like me, sometimes you have a tough time saying, “No.” People like us can feel disingenuous, enjoying the pleasure of seeing a sea of smiling while secretly loathing the commitments we make. We would rather avoid someone than tell them, “No.”

Or sometimes, we say “yes” too often to ourselves. Yes, to that Amazon spending spree on the charge card, or yes to dessert for here and dessert to go. When we say yes at times like these, we risk messing up our financial and physical health.  

We must find a way to exchange our yeses for a no. If you are in either situation, I have put together some practice words and phrases that we can try together: 


No, thank you. (My sister, Candra, loves this one!)   

Really, no.  

No way.  

No, not today, tomorrow, not now, or ever.  

No means no.  

No, I don’t need to think about it.  

Yes, I really mean no.  

And no, I am not joking.  

My answer is still no.  

James 5:12 in the Bible says, “But before all things, my brothers, do not swear, neither by heaven, nor the earth, nor any other oath. But let your “Yes” be yes, and the “No,” no, so that you might not fall under judgment.” That sounds like wisdom to me.  

Be true to yourself and your word.  


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