“For you know only a heap of broken images.” T.S. ELIOT Born in St. Louis, Missouri, on this day in 1888. Thomas Stearns Eliot died at age 76 in London, England. He came from a prominent family. His grandfather founded Washington University in St. Louis. The reason I add this fact is that I wasContinue reading “SHORT AND SWEET #17: T.S. ELIOT, CATS, PEOPLE”


Sometimes shorter is sweeter. Especially when I have a lot on my plate. In such instances, I need a little something that I can say or memorize quickly. So I dissected a larger affirmation into this bite-sized chunk. It is just enough to chew on for today. I hope these short affirmations for success willContinue reading “SHORT AND SWEET #10: AFFIRMATIONS FOR SUCCESS”

Sweet Victories and Presidents’ Day

Yesterday, my sister, Candra, and I completed a 60-piece jigsaw puzzle. We started the puzzle at seven o’clock in the evening and set a goal to complete the Jurassic-themed puzzle by 8 pm. Working on puzzles is one of Candra’s favorite things to do. Unfortunately, Cerebral Palsy, which affects Candra’s hands, arms, and motor skills,Continue reading “Sweet Victories and Presidents’ Day”

Short and Sweet Inspiration #5

October Blues: Conquer the fear that lurks near the end of the year. My dearest reader, The final stretch for the year is here.  We can see the finish line, the white ribbon stretched across the track, and either we will fly through it and take hold of the prize at the end, or we canContinue reading “Short and Sweet Inspiration #5”

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