Short and Sweet Inspiration #6. A Salute to Caregivers.

Dear Reader,

If you read the opening quote, “Successful people do consistently, what ordinary people do sometimes,” from Pastor and Leadership Coach, Craig Groeschel, you already know I agree. 

Success is for the most part an active choice that we make each day. Every morning when we rise, we gain 24 hours, chock full of opportunities for steps toward success. Mediocrity. Or failure. 

If I were near you, I would look you in the eyes and tell you that anything short of consistent good habits towards your best life will result in nothing more than sloppy seconds. Then, I would tell you that according to Jeremiah 29:11, we were made for more.

So which one will you choose?

I know life can be difficult, but we still must decide to succeed.

My mother is a caregiver. she has been one for over 40 years. My sister, Candra, receives my mother’s care, consistently. Day after day after day, my mother works with my sister, and as my sister has aged, my mother does even more: bathing, feeding, and staying on top of medications are at the top of the list. 

Lately, she helps Candra exercise. Although Mom is not a physical therapist or a speech therapist, she is consistent about encouraging Candra to do her daily leg and hand exercises and to speak clearly and complete full sentences. 

Candra is in a wheelchair and many people are surprised to see her transfer into most regular armchairs or into a car. Candra is also soft-spoken, so it further astonishes people to know that she can talk. I don’t believe she could do either if it were not for my mother’s consistent, loving care for my sister.

Today is the second day of November’s National Family Caregivers Month. The tenets of the observance are to Recognize, Assist, Include, Support, and Engage. Today, I want to recognize my mother, Linda, for being a consistent and courageous caregiver. I know that my sister has a rich quality of life mainly because my mother shows up every day to make it that way. Thank you, Mom! We love you!

For the other family caregivers, I leave you with this prayer: 

I pray, in Jesus’ name, that each caregiver reading this today will know that the Lord has given them an extraordinary assignment on earth, and that who God calls He has equipped with the strength and resources to succeed. I pray those resources will appear in physical, emotional, and financial ways. I pray that others with a heart for those with special needs will come along with you to help you and never to harm. And I pray you will continue to trust in God for His supply because He will not allow you to fail. Amen.

I’d appreciate it if you would share this post and prayer with a caregiver. Really,


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