Unmess(Organize)Your Underwear Drawer–For the Ladies

As part of my home organization goal for the next three months, I decided to tackle the unacceptable junk drawer residing in our bedrooms and boudoirs, using my untidy underwear drawer as an example. If I can do it you probably can too.

Your Work Matters

ReallyLeah’s UnHotMess Series 2. 2021. Your Work Matters. One of my passions is to help you discover and conquer so you can live your best life. I want you to rock, because your work matters. But are you doing your work, or are you doing the work of those who matter to you?

Cleanliness starts with godliness

We all need a fresh start and a clean slate. @www.ReallyLeah.com

Start Small

There is a saying— We can discover many things about ourselves when we take our time. Rushing to get to the finish line only means we are running to start a new race. Which makes us tired just thinking about it. Right? Scripture says — Let’s do something small each day (unpack a box, takeContinue reading “Start Small”

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