Your Work Matters

ReallyLeah’s UnHotMess Series 2. 2021. Your Work Matters.

My new 21-day cycle begins today as I promised myself last week. At this moment, I know exactly what messes I need to get rid of and I have a pretty good plan in play. My question to you is, what is on your list for the next three months? And what part of your goal are you committed to starting today? 

One of my passions is to help you discover and conquer so you can live your best life. I want you to rock, because your work matters. But are you doing your work, or are you doing the work of those who matter to you? 

There is a difference.  

Your work is given to you from above. It is your purpose, it is no one else’s. But at times, we are swept up in the work of what matters most to others. Confusion creeps in and we may even twiddle our thumbs for a few moments wondering how we can make what matters to someone else a priority for ourselves. 

People who enjoy serving others and controlling ever situation should take caution when you find yourself in this situation.  Don’t fill your mind with so many thoughts on how to hop, skip and jump according to the tune or the glory of people, society, and trends. Ditch those distractions. Regardless of any well-meaning intentions and expectations, we must remain true to the will of God—our purpose—if we are to live our best lives. This is why your work matters. 

Here is a tip:  Service should look like work while serving to make us better. Service should never leave us too tired and exhausted for our true purposes. Whenever service work takes us away from our gifts and talents and purposes, then we need to decline the offer no matter how tempting. Falling into the trap of gaining approval and acceptance only leaves us empty and behind on our own projects in the end.  

We should have both purpose-driven work and servicework in balance and we should never do things to receive a reward from others–cheerfully give, and do not serve to be applauded. Because, in time, the applauses will fade, the curtains will close, and there will still be the work you were supposed to do — waiting woefully in the wings.

So, again I ask you, what are you working on this week? Does it align with the tasks you’ve placed on your plate for today? And is it really what God has for you to do or are you trying to please people?

Yours truly, 


Closing Words of Wisdom

Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you, but be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think. This will empower you to discern God’s will as you live a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in His eyes. Romans 12:2 (TPT) 

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