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Monday, Monday. Grey, overcast in a “Yo, Weather, you have cooled down my coffee way too quickly” day. Anyway, today is the day to get the prep work started for the rest of the month. As I mentioned on the last day of the 21-Days to Your Best Life Challenge, I will be focusing on home organization and publishing my novel this month. Whew! I am excited, and a tad bit overwhelmed when I think about it, but that is only because, at this moment, I don’t have a solid plan for how this is going to get done. Thank God for prayer!!! And some pretty tight God-given organizing skills. 🙂 

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As you can see in the photos, I have my coffee (I already swallowed my supplements), so I am energized to the one-millionth degree. And I have a YouTube video of a designer’s home for added inspiration.  

My next steps are to

  1. See what will work in my space,
  2. Inventory the items I already have,
  3. Prepare a list of the things I still need,
  4. Decide on a time frame to get it all done.  

Because I have dealt with health challenges, I have to really pace myself and make sure I am not trying to tackle too much at one time. Plus, I recently was blind-sighted by a terrible driver (God bless her ole soul, but she needs to get off the streets), which means I must attend to all things applicable to repairing my car, so I can get to all my doctor’s appointments. 

But ain’t that life? 

Like my doctor said last week, “There is always something.” And like the old folks say, “if it ain’t one thing, it’s another.”  

Well, I say—“if it ain’t one thing, it’s TEN (and many of those things are distractions from the purposeful things).” So, my advice is to have a pliable plan and a whole lot of morning, afternoon, and evening prayers!!!! 

Hey, in the real world, we all have stuff creeping into our lives that we did not ask for, but it does not have to overtake us. We should always bring in the best and get rid of the mess. Today, I hope you will take time to make plans before someone forces their plans on you.  

May your cup of blessings overflow, 

Really Leah, XO 

Credit: Wm Carter Photography for the coaster.  


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