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I was “all in” yesterday on a home project, totally committed to getting my mess off the floors. They were rectangular plaques and certificates waiting to be mounted on a wall, boxed and placed in the garage, or donated to the trash. I did not care. After seven months, it all had to get out of my line of vision. 

Yesterday was the day I decided I would not do another thing — not even wash—until that mess was off my floors. So instead of writing about “who shot John” or watching the rainfall from the sky, I took the entire 5th of July to organize the stacks of plaques and place them in a location that adds joy to my creative space. 

Today, I am sitting pretty, reflecting on my accomplishment, and feeling lighter now that the clutter is all gone. 

Today is already a great day! 

Did you do a home project over the holiday weekend? Did you stick with it?

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