The Funnies

During the early part of the pandemic, I began blogging about topics I found to be funny. Like so many people, I wanted to spread cheer during our darkest times, so I started a blog series called “The Funnies.” 

I enjoyed writing from my experiences and scouting out funny memes or jokes to share. There was always something comical to be found in our politics and hypocrisies, which many like to call “nuances.” Anyhow, in the beginning, I posted every Friday. But as the world seemed to turn a page from the horror story we were living, I stopped sharing as much. 

Mainly because others (celebrities, bloggers, your mama, and the kitchen sink) were also sharing things to make us laugh, and who likes redundancy? I know I don’t. Sure, I had two ideas two weeks ago, but (1) Prime undoubtedly informed everyone that Eddie Murphy was back with Who’s Coming to America 2 before I could, and (2) I am nearly the millionth person to subscribe to TwinsTheNewTrend YouTube phenoms. So you see my point.   

Well, today, as thoughts happened in the wee hours before dawn, I had a personal experience that cannot be duplicated. So read Friday, March 19, 2021’s post on The Funnies, or “Should I Be Sorry I Missed Your Call?” as a part of my UnHotMess Series. Either way, I hope you take a moment to laugh at yourself. 

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