Seriously Funny on a Sunday

Happy Sunday, Dear Reader,

It is my supreme pleasure to share the best Bible movie I have seen in a long while with you. It’s “Selfie Dad,” and it’s hilarious. I hope you will check it out during your downtime.

Ironically I accidentally came upon it (on Prime video) when my pastor, Tim Gilligan, started a series on the Bible’s importance, entitled “Back to the Bible.”

Can you say confirmation? LOL! But I’m already an avid reader. My uncle, Bishop Freddie Lofton, does a weekly bible study (chapter-by-chapter) and I try my best to participate every Tuesday. We’re in the book of Revelation now. Therefore I think this movie is for someone reading this post, too.

And, I am confident both ministries would welcome you joining in and expanding your knowledge of the Bible. Email if you’re interested.

Better yet, you can start reading it yourself. Just do a couple of things before diving in: Please ask God for forgiveness (we all need this daily), tell God you believe He is Lord, and ask Him to give you an understanding of what you are about to read. Finally, close out your prayer “In Jesus’s name.” Amen? Amen.

I believe if you follow these instructions, your prayer will be answered.

Finally, if you need help with a Bible self-study, my sister-friend Jen teaches you how to dig for biblical treasure, and here’s a link to Jen’s site.

Well, that’s all for now, my people.

May your Sunday be blessed, and don’t forget to make time with your family for “Selfie Dad” with comedian Michael Jr. Then tell me how you much you enjoyed it!!!

Loving you to life,


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