Big Ugh! – Monday Madness

Dear Reader,

Monday was supposed to be my day for newsletters. I had lofty plans to bring the latest updates on my writing projects, along with good news about life, mental health, healing, and random insights on fashion and friends in the entrepreneur-sphere. Unfortunately, my computer had other plans.

How it Happened

It all started with an attempt to download CorelDraw software. I needed (or so I thought) to download the trial offer of this software so I could open a file that someone sent me. But to my surprise, the software would not download because my operating system (OS) was not up to the snooty par of this new technology. Besides, my computer was working fine without all the latest updates and tricks associated with macOS Big Sur.

No Sir or No Sur?

So I did what I had not wanted to do for months. I downloaded the new OS.

At first, the upgrade seemed to be going well. I downloaded the files on my computer, I watched them install, and my computer rebooted in an average amount of time. In the meantime, I played around with my iPhone and figured out a way to open the original file (the one in CorelDraw).

It appears that although my iPhone is smaller, it is actually smarter than my Mac. While I was manipulating the newly opened file on my iPhone, my computer had stalled. A bright Apple logo in the middle of a dark grey screen and one pill-shaped status bar in the center had not moved for minutes. Then hours. It wasn’t even making a hum. I waited and waited, and by evening (I started downloading at noon), I was exhausted with waiting.

That is when I began a series of troubleshooting drills. I restarted the computer. I checked the startup disk. I fixed errors and restarted it again and again—still nothing but the same ole screen.

Then I ordered a wired keyboard (because the wireless one could no longer connect to my wife) from Amazon. It would be days before it would be delivered. In the meantime, I created a hotspot with my phone and tried to uninstall mac OS Big Sur. Still, nothing worked. With each restart, I ended back at that sad grey screen with the white pill of a status bar going no further than it had before.

Not even the wired keyboard could fix the problem so far. However, I was able to do further troubleshooting.

I tried different keystrokes and finally entered into a safe boot mode. I had to make up a new login, and I have no volume, no media, no microphone, and no hard drive files!!! It is like making cookies from scratch with nothing but a big bowl.


The wannabe techie in me wants to figure things out so they won’t happen again. But I’m nearing the point of calling in the calvary for assistance and praying that the price is not too high.

While it’s been a drag to be stuck without a computer–mainly because I cannot work on my novel without my novel files, between you and me, I am thanking God for the break. I mean, I would not have wished this upon myself, but at least the first drafts of my current projects are printed and saved on the cloud. And I have to believe that I will regain access to my novels and all other writing projects when this drama is all said and done.

Miraculously, I am not stressed and feel no need to panic about this computer chaos currently in my life. Sure, it is a major time-waster, but a few weeks ago, I was feeling immensely burdened. I felt like I needed a break. Do you know what I mean? I felt like I was two breaths and ten heartbeats from screaming into a crowded room.

In my mind, I was thinking of scenarios that would allow me to do nothing for a couple of weeks. The only thing in the way was a couple of medical visits and lab work. After I did those things, I would be free to pause for a few.

And, what do you know? That is when my computer OS installation went awry.

Was it an Answered Prayer?

Who knows, and I don’t care. All I do know is that I am enjoying this break from the big screen. Not from readers but from the routine.

I hope before long I will be able to take a real vacation. As you know, I believe breaks (and sabbaticals) are necessary. They allow us to clear our minds and come back to our places of purpose, better and stronger.

I am praying for that!

Until then, I will make a few more attempts to figure out my BigSur problems myself. This may mean you won’t see a newsletter from me for a couple more weeks. But the bigger and better news is that my computer and I are in a safe mode for now, and I believe it is just the break we needed.

Wishing you a silver lining to whatever situation you are currently in,

Leah 🌸🤞🏾

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