A Merry Christmas Aha Moment

A Merry Christmas Aha Moment ““Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom He is pleased!”” Luke 2:14 I believe it is all about the order of things that brings peace to our lives and in our worlds. In this verse, I hear the Word revealing to me that I need to worship the Lord, first, and then because worship (not merely “sanging”) is God’s love language, He will be pleased with us. Wow! During this time when the world sings about presents under the tree and peace on earth, I believe it is important to remember that the path to both is quite simple. The answer is a pure act of surrender. Imagine being a child, opening your arms wide, and falling safely backwards into a mound of snow.

We can trust God to catch us when we give it all to Him and confess Jesus Christ as Lord. There is no other way

Dear reader, if you truly want peace and the greatest gift of all this Christmas, try free-falling into God’s arms of Love.

We cannot have peace in the world without making peace with God, first.

With blessed regards,


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