Are You Really Ready for 2022? Part 3

Another Practical Step for a Productive New Year

January 4, 2022

Welcome back.

I’m so happy you’re taking this journey to an even better new year with me. For the past five days, I have taken an hour or two to pray and think about my roles and goals for this year.  I hope you have invested the appropriate amount of time as well.


When we last met, I asked you to list your habits, discover your purpose, and seek wisdom regarding your objectives. Did you follow my instructions? If you need a refresher on why those actions are important, refer to the Are You Really Ready for 2022, Part 2. 

If you did, then you should have identified the hats (roles) you plan to wear to drive (or fuel) your God-given purpose. Remember, we are created to be purpose-driven. I also mentioned this assignment should be light and fun because we get to put the burden on God to give us direction and bless our choices. Our job is to listen and list the titles and roles of our callings. 

As an example, my chosen titles, are authorpreneur, artist, and advocate. I am confident that these are my roles for another year. 


Our next step is to define an objective that coincides with each calling. For “You, Inc.”, an objective is essentially your vision statement. 

An objective is a noun defined by Webster as “Something toward which effort is directed: an aim, goal, or end of action.” For each title, role, or calling, (use interchangeably) we need an end goal in mind. 

Think of your vision (or objective) this way: I want to accomplish X by the end of 2022, for this call on my life. 

Trusted sources, like Jordan Raynor, say that you don’t need more than five objectives for each calling within a given quarter of the year. Of course, you can have more but statistically, you will accomplish less if you do. Why? Because time is finite, but deadlines and energy are not. We cannot do all things well at the same time. 

With this in mind, let’s take the next couple of days to pray and determine which objectives, goals, visions (use interchangeably) we will set for each calling on our life. Let’s limit both the callings and objectives to five. Remember to be successful, we cannot afford to spread ourselves thin before we even begin. 

I’ve written down my vision already, and I can state from experience that I love the experience of peacefully planning out my year. Keep in mind that this is still the fun part. Think of it as creating a map that leads to your desired destination. 

Now for the even funner part. (LOL! Funner should be a word).


Once the objectives are written down. Creating a vision board is the best next step. The process includes highlighting your listed objectives in a way that is visually pleasing. 

My advice is to find images that reflect your objectives. Search magazines, Pinterest or draw your own, or use photographs to showcase your hopes and desires for the year.  

Think of “You, Inc.” as needing a billboard or a department store window to represent your best year yet. I am still working on mine so it will be exciting to see what we come up with. 

Vision boarding is not only fun and exciting, but it is rewarding. By this time next year, you will have used your vision board as a part of your annual review. 

Search for keywords, vision and vision boarding, or download 21 day…, for more insight on visions, how to construct a vision board, and why they are valuable. 


Today’s exercise is to use our imaginations to see the future we are believing for. Step one is to write the vision. Then create a vision board to highlight those yearly goals.

When we gather virtually again, I will share the next practical step for a productive new year. Hint: We will make the vision plain by adding measurable, time-bound, results. 

Till then, live blessed,

ReallyLeah XO / A place where passion, productivity, and purpose harmonize.

Special Note:

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