Inspiration from my favorite poetess 

Recently, I heard Carol Tomé, CEO of United Parcel Service, mention the following quote during an interview with Andy Stanley, and it was fire!

“Don’t make money your goal, instead do what you love and do it so well that people cannot take their eyes off of you” – Maya Angelou.

My book of poems by Maya Angelou @ReallyLeah.com

Like many of you, I love Maya’s work. I have often quoted her, on page and stage, before hundreds. But somehow, I missed this one. 

Ooowee, its entrance into my catalog of best-loved quotes is right on time for February’s posts on passion, productivity, and purpose. It is also, so Maya. She was a woman who made us want to look and keep looking at her as she sashayed words as gracefully as she swayed her hips. Oh, she was a boss of words. 

Today, I honor the second queen of poetry. In my book, Phyllis (or Phillis) Wheatley, by birth would be the first. Born in 1753, Wheatley was the first African American author of a published book of poetry, Poems on Various Subjects. She is famous for writing about her Christian faith, supporting enslaved people’s citizenship in America, elegies, and Wheatley received many other honors. But the second queen of poetry, Maya Angelou, is most “phenomenal.” ❤️ Her poems compel little Black girls, women, and people alike, to face life’s uncertainties and still “rise.” Both moved audiences with their poetry.

This leads me back to the aforementioned quote that has redefined how I view passion. Through Merriam-Webster, I understand the traditional definition, “as a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.” But Maya paints the picture of passion as all eyes are on us as we act on our callings. 

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help to think of people like Michael Jordan when he was with the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jackson as one of the Jackson Five, and of course, Maya Angelou standing centerstage. Each person is so fun to watch. Can you think of anyone? Is it you?

We should be enjoyable to watch (as we work) too. When we are passionate about our purpose and callings, our energy and excitement should ooze out of us and explode onto our spectators —metaphorically speaking.

So, I must ask you, do you have a passion for what you’re doing right now? Is your current assignment something you love to the level that it makes no difference the reward offered? I encourage you to think about these questions and search this site for more information on the concept of passion, purpose, and productivity. 

And if you are already living your blessed life, please share a short sentence or two about your calling and where I can follow you. I’ll be watching. 😉 

Best of hope,


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