How to make a comeback when your nerves try to get the best of you.

“I feel super blessed!” Those were the words from a University of Kansas Jayhawk after winning the NCAA men’s national championship game in New Orleans. And I feel this way too. 

Moreover, I fervently believe in everyone’s ability to be Happy, Stable, Fruitful, and Blessed in this life. This truth was taught to me, and I enjoy sharing it with others. For starters, I tell them, there is a whole book called Proverbs, written by some pretty wise guys, which explains how. And I add, “you should read one chapter at the beginning of every day corresponding with the day of the month.” 

I never know if the person will take my advice or not. Still, I share it because I really do care. Furthermore, what a wonderful world this would be if everyone were happy, stable, fruitful, and blessed. 

Proverbs 31 Blessed Coaster Design

But there are days. I will not lie. When I don’t feel very happy, stable, and certainly not fruitful.  For instance, last Friday, the day before the local Craft Fair, I felt overwhelmed and anxious. I knew in my heart I was blessed because God had long given me the inspiration for the designs I made and would display the next day. However, the unknowing left me feeling anxious.

Here is a shortlist of the items on my mind: 

  • I did not know how many people would show up.
  • I did not know where my table would be located.
  • I had not completed my handouts.
  • I did not have the right payment processor.
  • I did not know how I would pack my car.
  • I did not know how I would unpack my car.
  • I did not know how I would display my crafts –this was my first time.
  • I did not know if it would rain.
  • I did not know if it would rain before I could unpack my car.
  • I did not know how I could get it all done and get enough rest for the next day.

But I did know Who knew all those answers and then some. So I found a Scripture. Philippians 4:6. I also knew a couple of my best girlfriends knew God as well. So, I texted them and asked for the prayer of agreement concerning my unknowns. “But I am not anxious for anything,” I confessed to them in writing and faith.

When Saturday came, I woke up late, literally missing three alarms because I went to bed late. Immediately I felt that urge to beat myself up with pity but scrapped that thought because I had to get going, and it takes me a while.

At that moment I need some super on my natural. So, before pushing the comforter away from my body, I stopped to read my daily proverb and pray. 

As “they” say after a huge success, “And the rest is history.” God answered prayers, and I had a memorable day. By noon, I felt overwhelmingly happy, stable, fruitful, and blessed, like a champion making a comeback. Not even the one-hour early close due to weather could stop the blessings from flowing.

Candra in the Center of the Craft Fair

The craft fair opened up opportunities to make new customers, meet new friends, minister to the hurting, and share the love of Christ. Plus, I nearly sold out of the Happy and Blessed designs!!!–People get that we need a coaster that speaks to the POWER living in us while drinking our coffee, water, or tea. ✨ (You can see all my coaster table art designs here).

🙏🏽 I share my praise report not to boast in my favor over the weekend but to brag on the goodness of God. And how faithful He is to His word. Because God cares about our passions, He cares about our productivity, and He wants us to live with purpose. 1 Peter 5:7.

Super and Supremely Blessed,


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