Finishing Well (and WINNING) Requires Focus for the New Week

This post is a revision to an article I wrote last Friday because I needed to read it again and perhaps you do as well.

Last week, I shared my take on Aesop’s fable, “The Hare & the Tortoise.” I asked readers to pick a side, examine similarities to each character, and consider areas where improvement is needed. Today, I want to push the subject matter a bit further with a variation of the story. 

It starts much the same with an overconfident rabbit and a cool and calm turtle. However, in this variation, the Hare runs off only to stop when he notices a pizza shop along the way. There he sits and dines on pizza and salad while the Tortoise moseys on by. After refueling, the Hare rushes toward the finish line only to slow down, again, when he spots a bear trying to surf. He must think to himself; I can surf too, because the next thing you see is the Hare in swim trunks riding the waves. After enjoying a good time waterskiing, the Hare speeds toward the finish line. But the Tortoise has already crossed over to the winning side. The Tortoise, however slow, won the race again.

Why? Because the Tortoise knew there was no time to engage in frivolous activities on the way to a victory. The Tortoise remained focused, whereas the overoptimistic Hare lost focus and ultimately lost the race. In the end, the one who kept his eyes on the prize sounded off with a shout. “I finished. I won.” And that’s the moral to the story.

In this version, it was not a nap that did the Hare in. No, it was the distractions.

Distractions are the enemy of every focus-minded person in the world. They are the enemy of direction, and the best friend of every average man, woman, boy, and girl. Why do I believe this? Because an average person entertains distractions regularly.  

We may laugh at the Hare and call him a Silly Rabbit because he allowed his eyes to lead him astray, but most of us deal with the same temptations. For example, there are so many shiny ways to prosperity that a person can become overwhelmed with learning and trying them all, only never to reach their financial destiny. For single people, there are so many fish in the sea that it seems overly complicated to commit to just one. And for the average person, due to the advent of Google and YouTube, there are a million options for everything and an equal amount of opportunities to take us on a rabbit trail. Therefore, we must stay strong, decisive, and intentional to win our individual race.

Here are my affirmations on this subject:

Today, I will remain focused, and I will win the day.

And God willing, I will get up and win the next day and the next.

I will be consistent with those things that lead me toward my victory. 

I will be Purpose Driven.

I will forget about being flashy and acting overconfident. 

Instead, I will be me. Naturally. 

I will get rid of and let go of the things (even good opportunities) that do not align with my greater physical, mental, and spiritual goals.  

I admit that I cannot do all I am talented enough to do, simultaneously. 

Today and throughout the week, I will focus on what matters most.


Have a Motivated Monday and a Winning Week!


Words of Wisdom to Discover:

Colossians 3:2 and Hebrews 12:1


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