Easy Peasy

When a pill’s too big,

do not fret. Find applesauce,

mix, and swallow.

Easy Peasy by L.A. Taylor (a Haiku poem)

My sister has had difficulties with swallowing for years due to a muscle disorder. So she takes medications each day to treat the problem as well as vitamins and supplements for her overall health. However, in the mornings, her throat is pretty dry, which means she’s at a greater risk of choking by merely trying to get her pills down.

That’s when my mother takes a small amount of applesauce, places the big pills on top for a few seconds, and then spoon-feeds them to my sister. A spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine go down (or you can try the unsweetened kind below). The process works like a charm. And it is especially great for those pills that should not be crushed. Perhaps this little tip, shared with us by my sister’s nurse, will work for you, too.

Whatever you decide. Be certain to check with your pharmacist or physician/nurse first. Wishing you the best in life and health.

Featured image by Kranich17 from Pixabay.

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