More Than a Boss

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For the first part of my life, I was indeed selfish. I thought this was how I was supposed to act: all about me becoming all I could be. A “boss.” Can you relate?

But I’ve learned through this wondrous journey called life that my provision of wealth or fame is not just for me. Provision should flow through me to bless others. As the saying goes, “If God can get it through you, He will get it to you.”

The buck never stops with me, anymore.

As a result, I have matured into an advocate for those with disabilities and special needs. My platform is not for my business, or my opinion or anyone’s approval — like, don’t like — no worries. What really matters to me is your participation in the progress of Special Needs Advocacy.

Becoming an advocate is really easy to do. All it takes is a commitment to “speak up.”

For example, when you see someone who needs help due to circumstances beyond their normal control — speak up for them:

  • The elderly man caring for his wife with Alzheimer’s — speak up for them by cooking them a nice meal or running an errand or two.
  • The boy or girl with a speech impediment who takes a while to get a point across — speak up for them by helping them make their point.
  • The retirement age single mom with a wheelchair-bound daughter — speak up for them by helping them purchase a customized vehicle.

That’s what I’m doing.

Right now I’m all in on social media for #theCandraVan and I’m #NotQuitting until the $35,000 goal is raised. Then I plan to raise funds for another needy family and the next.

Will you join me in raising awareness and💰money for special needs families? 

As I mentioned, I’m beyond being a “boss” because a boss can get very lonely at the top. I prefer to be simply someone who gives as much as she gets from those around her.

Together, we may not feed every elderly couple; create a job or find a buddy for every person with a disability, or even purchase a van for every immobile child. But maybe we will.

And what’s better than being a part of something that is so significantly bigger than our imaginations! (and our titles).

Let’s be a BIG blessing to someone less fortunate. Let’s live to give without selfish intent. Please.❤️#iAmSecond

p.s. Candra is my adorable little sister. We’ve raised $9,905 on Gofundme as of this post.

Be More Than A Boss & Live to Give

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