Shine On

For primary caregivers, etc.,

“…If you are walking in darkness, without a ray of light, trust in the LORD and rely on your God.”(Isaiah 50:10, NLT)

After meditating on the scripture above, I knew this verse was for the Shining Lights. Of course, it was. Who better than caregivers to benefit from a message about walking in darkness and trusting in the LORD?

In only a few hours, this glowing group of individuals would gather again to be encouraged, because as the special guest speaker would later share: “life happens.”

Yes. Life happens…to caregivers often.

They are in constant need of encouragement because they spend much of their time just making it through – surviving and not quite thriving.  They experience many dark places.

Many times, our dark places are about perspective in comparison to others. Someone may have woken up with an ache here or pain there but someone else may have just received a terminal diagnosis. Someone may have a child who wet the bed this morning while another man or woman deals with a child or a parent who wets the bed every morning.

Our dark places are relative and they are real. But we don’t have to stay in the dark when we know the Light lives within us. Like a child playing “hide and seek” we eventually realize it is safe to come out of the darkness, one deliberate step at a time.

Consider this: God wants to do something beyond answering our prayers to be rescued from the dark. I believe in our darkest moments, He wants to do something (good) to us so He can shine through us. Perhaps on the persons we care for and care-give alongside.

So be encouraged. Keep trusting in God. His love never fails.

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